The Agbeve R/C Basic, in the Volta Region, has been given a massive facelift befitting of a modern school building.

From the images seen, the building could arguably be considered the most beautiful public basic school in Ghana, at the moment, thanks to renovation work carried out recently.

In a video of the newly commissioned school building making rounds on social media, the classrooms are fitted with quality modern desks and office stationeries.

One of the classrooms in the video shared on TikTok by @anitasosustarks1 had a huge flat-screen monitor alongside a white marker board.

According to @anitasosustarks1, who claimed to be a teacher in the school, the renovation work was funded by an unnamed native of the Agbeve land with support from the community members.

“Agbeve R/C Basic School is a public/government school located in the Volta region of Ghana, Agbeve.”

“The school was renovated by a native of the town with the help of the community members not by the effort of the government or any political party,” – The caption of the video read

@anitasosustarks1 Replying to @Queenwasty AGBEVE R.C BASIC SCHOOL COMPOUND😊🙌🙌THIS IS A PUBLIC/GOVERNMENT SCHOOL LOCATED IN THE VOLTA REGION OF GHANA, AGBEVE. THE SCHOOL WAS RENOVATED BY A NATIVE OF THE TOWN WITH THE HELP OF THE COMMUNITY MEMBERS NOT BY THE EFFORT OF THE GOVERNMENT OR ANY POLITICAL PARTY 🏫🙌🙌#foryourpage #foryou #CapCut #teachersoftiktok #teacher #teachingkids #trendingsong #defedefe #agbeve #school @Anita Acts🎥📸💗 ♬ original sound – TeamEternityGhana – Team Eternity Ghana


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