A controversial photo of a mother passionately kissing her grown-up son during his birthday celebration has sparked mixed reactions online.

In the viral photo, the mother kisses her son while the father appears unconcerned.

Some people are shocked and outraged by the intimate gesture, while others see it as a display of a mother’s affection.

The husband’s apparent lack of concern in the photo has only added to the controversy.



Yemith Olori Abbey said; “Useless mother.”

Odeyale Oluseyi Kayode said; “Madness and taboo.”

Eneojo Obaka said; “That’s the love of a mother.”

Baliqees Ajao said; “Madness of highest order.”

Henney Enitolorunfe said; “This totally indiscipline rubbish.”

Ibrahim Olanrewaju said; “The kind slap I go give am rubbish.”

Hameed Rasheed said; “This is madness, nothing else for you madam than madness.”

Solomon Seun Mercy remarked; “Since Dad is there watching, let me face my business.”

Source: Blackgh.com

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