Mr. Drew Teases New Music And EP Set To Drop In May: Afrobeat singer Mr Drew has dropped hints about his upcoming musical ventures.

He revealed this during the Pulse Chat Session at this year’s African Music Business Dialogue

The dialogue, focused on ‘Why Content Creators are the New Taste Makers in Music Marketing,’ took place on Friday, March 22, 2024.

Mr Drew, with an air of excitement, disclosed his plans to unveil fresh tracks alongside an EP in the upcoming months.

He urged his eager fans to anticipate the release, stating, “I’ve got an EP coming in May. I’ve got a single coming in a few weeks, in about three weeks, so watch out; it is going to be lovely.”

Speaking on the theme, he acknowledged the pivotal role of content creators in amplifying music’s reach.

Mr Drew emphasized their unique ability to reinterpret songs, adding layers of depth and understanding that may escape the artist’s original intent.

“Content creators have a way of reinterpreting our songs or our music in a way that the artiste couldn’t,” he explained.

“You have them interpret the songs in a way that somebody will fall in love with it. Or we have someone who will breakdown the songs in a certain way and look at it, then people begin to and be like, oh that is why he said this at this point, or he sang this part the way he sang it”

Mr Drew stressed the importance for musicians to have a clear vision for their projects from inception.

He advised fellow music makers to craft a strategic plan, understanding the trajectory they desire for their songs and the audience they aim to captivate.

“Even before you start distributing, you should have a plan, how big you want your song to be, the kind of people you want to reach.”

As anticipation builds for Mr Drew’s forthcoming releases, fans and music enthusiasts e await the arrival of his latest musical works, poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

The discussion also featured insights from other speakers, including Endurance Grand and Official Starter, with moderation by Gideon Nicholas Day. The overarching theme underscored the evolving role of content creators as pivotal influencers in music marketing.


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