MTN SIM Swap USSD Code South Africa: At a point in time, some circumstances might leave you no option but to do a SIM swap, therefore it’s necessary to know how to do a SIM swap.

SIM Swap can simply be explained as the process whereby a subscriber moves data from an old SIM card to a new SIM Card and still maintains the old phone number of the stolen or damaged old SIM card.

SIM swap is usually done when your old SIM card is lost or damaged or you need a different size SIM for a new device. The process doesn’t take much time, but according to MTN, during busy periods, it could take up to 24 hours for the entire process and the verification.

What Is MTN SIM Swap

It might sound a bit technical, but in simple language, MTN SIM Swap can be explained as the process of moving data from your old MTN SIM card to a new MTN SIM card without necessarily changing your phone number.

MTN SIM swap comes in different forms, that is whether your SIM card is lost/damaged or your SIM is still active but you need a different SIM card size for a new device. In case you want to have a SIM Swap on MTN, you need a new MTN starter pack, RICA your new SIM card, an ID card or passport, and lastly proof of residence.

MTN South Africa SIM Swap Self-Service

MTN South Africa is arguably one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the country with a huge number of subscribers. For this reason, MTN provides a SIM Swap Self-Service platform for subscribers to begin the first step of registration before heading to the closest office for verification. This is how self-service works.

  • Get a new MTN starter pack
  • RICA the new MTN SIM card
  • Visit the office to activate your new SIM card (This is to confirm your identity)
  • Dial the MTN SIM Swap USSD code “135*3#”
  • Now, enter the number of the old SIM card

You will be provided with details of what to do next to swap the old MTN number into the new SIM card.

How Do I Do A USSD SIM Swap On MTN?

Doing a USSD SIM swap on MTN comes in two folds, that is; if your old MTN SIM is active but you want to SIM Swap to a different SIM card size, subscribers whose MTN SIM card is lost, or damaged. Below are the steps.

SIM Swap for an active SIM card

  1. From the old MTN SIM card, send an SMS “SIM Swap” to 44770
  2. MTN will reply with a PIN (OTP) valid for some minutes
  3. From the new SIM card, send an SMS (old SIM number and PIN) to 44770.
  4. You will be required to input the PIN you received on the old SIM card
  5. The old SIM card will stop working
  6. Then insert the new SIM card into your device and switch it on

SIM swap for a lost or damaged SIM card

  1. Insert your new MTN SIM card into a device
  2. Your new number will pop up, click OK
  3. To start the process of MTN SIM swap, dial *135#
  4. Select option 5
  5. You will be asked to enter your old phone number (preferred phone number) and state the reason for doing the SIM wap

Note that, to continue the MTN SIM swap, you will be required to answer a few security questions to verify that, you are indeed the owner of the lost or damaged SIM card. In case you have issues, you can call ‘135’ and an agent will assist you.

Steps To SIM Swap On LTE

For SIM swap, the processes are almost the same but the LTE SIM Swap allows a subscriber to upgrade their non-LTE SIM card to an LTE SIM card. Note that, your device needs to be LTE capable. Below are the steps.

  1. Via SMS, send the word ‘Swap’ from your OLD SIM to 44770
  2. You’ll receive a PIN (OTP), which is valid few minutes (write it down)
  3. Via SMS, send ’Swap(LTE SIM number)(OTP)#’ to 44770, e.g., (Swap12345678901234#)
  4. Once the OLD SIM stops working, replace it with your NEW SIM and switch it on your device

Once the entire process has been accepted and verified, you’ll receive an SMS notification that your device is now MTN LTE-ready, indicating that, your SIM swap is complete.

Why Do Subscribers SIM Swap?

There’s always a reason an individual takes an action, people swap their SIM cards for various reasons and it differs from person to person. Some people swap because they might have mistakenly misplaced or damaged their active SIM card.

Others too tend to SIM swap because they purchased a new device that needs either a normal size, microSIM, or a nanoSIM, hence it’s prudent to do a SIM swap to get a new SIM card, fit for their purpose.

Does It Take Long To Sim Swap

Getting a SIM swap doesn’t take much time. With all the requirements (new MTN starter pack, RICA your new SIM, an ID card or passport, and lastly proof of residence.) it takes a few hours. However, according to MTN South Africa, during busy periods, it could take up to 24 hours for the entire process and the verification.

How To Do SIM Swap With SMS On MTN

It’s very easy to SIM swap via SMS. Using the SIM card, send ‘Swap’ together with your old number and your PIN via SMS to 44770. For example, if the old number is ‘0831234567’ and the PIN is ‘1234’, then your SMS will be in this format. (Swap 0831234567*1234#).

Once your old SIM stops working, insert your new SIM card into your cellphone and you are good to go.

Does It Cost To Sim Swap On MTN?

Several people assume getting a SIM swap costs, but this is false, the process of SIM swap is free but a subscriber will have to pay for the cost of the new starter pack (SIM card) and the cost of an SMS.


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