After a prolonged silence, Nacee has finally responded to his fellow gospel musician, Broda Sammy, regarding remarks made about him in the past.

Broda Sammy previously spoke unfavorably about the “Aseda” hitmaker in an interview aired on Gh Page TV, leaving those at sea with a negative impression.

Broda Sammy claimed to have participated in Nacee’s “Aseda” challenge by uploading a video to his YouTube channel, but he was surprised when Nacee took action against his channel.

During an interview on Sean City TV, he revealed that Nacee had become an obstacle, hindering his chances of receiving nominations at TGMA.

Nacee, in his response, aimed at Broda Sammy, labeling him as an individual who makes excessive noise despite lacking substance, likening him to an empty barrel.

Nacee, speaking to Andy Dosty in an interview reported by, affirmed that he was aware of and had witnessed all of Broda Sammy’s comments about him.

The musician asserts that he refrained from expending his valuable time confronting Broda Sammy and interrogating him about the matter.

He emphasizes his stance of not investing his valuable time in “empty barrels,” which are known to make the loudest noise.


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