NDC Opposes EC’s Proposal For Election Date Change: The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has opposed the Electoral Commission’s proposal to change the election date to November 2024.

The party asserted that it would not support this move by the election management body.

The EC suggested the date change to enhance operational efficiency, particularly in the case of a run-off, but the NDC disagreed, stating that the announcement by Dr. Bossman Asare doesn’t accurately represent the consensus reached on the effective year for major electoral reforms, which is November 2028.

The NDC clarified that there was no majority agreement among political parties at the IPAC meeting on January 29, 2024, supporting the November 2024 date.

The party emphasized the need for IPAC to uphold its tradition of consensus-building on crucial electoral reforms.

Additionally, the NDC highlighted that at least five out of the ten political parties at the meeting spoke against changing the election date.

The party urged the EC to focus on pressing matters, such as promptly releasing the 2024 election calendar, to ensure transparent, free, and fair elections.

Source: Blackgh.com

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