Award-winning media personality, Serwaa Amihere has come under a heavy backlash following her recent interview with Ghanaian self-acclaimed chef, Chef Smith.

One of the topics that has gained so much public attention both online and in real life is Chef Smith’s saga.

Following his saga, media houses started chasing Chef Smith for an interview so that if possible, they could become the source of what triggered him to start the cook-a-thon and why he chose to deceive Ghanaians by saying that GWR has replied to him.

Among the numerous media houses that were chasing Chef Smith for an exclusive interview was Accra-based television station, GH ONE TV under EIB Network.

To the surprise of many, a flyer that suggested that a date was slated for Serwaa Amihere to interview Chef Smith started flying across social media platforms, making many netizens wonder what was going on.

Even though Serwaa Amihere did extremely intelligent work when she was interviewing Chef Smith, Ghanaians did not appreciate the good work she did, instead, they chose to drag her in the mud.

Many netizens do not understand why Serwaa Amihere would be the one to interview Chef Smith.

According to many, Serwaa Amihere is not clean enough to interview Chef Smith, someone who has trended for the wrong reasons just like Chef Smith.

In a viral self-recorded video available at the news desk on, a netizen questioned why Serwaa Amihere was not interviewed when her issue popped up online some months ago.

Take a look at the video


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