Troops of 65 Bn Nigerian Army (NA) operating under the 81 Division NA, have successfully apprehended a human trafficker, Mrs. Olushola Areke, in Lagos after her victim escaped from captivity.

Acting Deputy Director Army Public Relations, 81 Division Nigerian Army, who disclosed this in a statement on Monday, April 29, 2024, said Areke was arrested in connection with human trafficking following actionable intelligence.

According to the statement, the parents of the 22-year-old victim, Miss Fayoke Kunle, entrusted her to the suspect, who had promised to secure employment for her in Oshodi, Lagos.

However, the suspect moved Fayoke to Kano State with the intent to transport her to Libya.

“The suspect was accused of kidnapping Miss Fayoke Kunle, a 22-year-old daughter of Mrs Ainor Kunle. Mrs Kunle claimed she had voluntarily entrusted her daughter to the suspect, who had promised to secure employment for the young girl in Oshodi, Lagos,” the statement read.

“However, instead of heading to Oshodi as promised, the suspect moved Miss Kunle to Kano, where the victim later discovered herself and overheard discussions about being transported to Libya

“Miss Kunle courageously escaped from her captor and returned home on 23 April 2024.

“In response to this alarming report, troops reached out to Mrs Areke and was subsequently arrested at the designated meeting point, where she intended to pick up her supposed other victims.

“Both the suspect and the victim have been handed over to the Ajah Police Command in Lagos for further investigation.

“The Division wishes to urge members of the public to continue to support the NA in providing timely information to aid in maintaining law and order.

“The NA remains committed to promoting peace and stability across the Division Area of Responsibility


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