Gospel Artistes Deserve Pay, Not Just ‘God Bless You’ – Obaapa Christy: Award-winning Ghanaian gospel artist, Obaapa Christy, firmly supports the idea of gospel musicians being paid for their performances, citing the significant expenses involved in production and event management.

She stresses the parallel between gospel and secular artists in terms of financial obligations, asserting that relying solely on goodwill gestures like “God Bless You” is unsustainable. According to Obaapa Christy, fair compensation is essential to cover costs such as studio fees and backup singers, maintaining the professionalism of gospel music.

“We pay bills and other expenses so yes, so we need to get paid for our services be it at a church or wherever. Studio fees, and backup singers among others do not come for free. We pay for them so how can we continue to fulfil our obligations if we offer our services for free?” she asked

Obaapa Christy recently released a new single titled “Ebesesa” on February 1st. The song, accompanied by a music video shot by Skyweb in Ghana, delivers a message of hope and perseverance, particularly relevant in the challenging times post-COVID-19. “Ebesesa,” which translates to “it will change” in Akan, aims to uplift listeners and reassure them of God’s presence amidst adversity, offering encouragement for those facing difficult circumstances.

Source: Blackgh.com

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