Mr Andrews Amechi who’s the CEO of Black Sheep Group Of Companies has been trending in the news for the past two weeks now for his involvement in the kidnap and murder of Afiba Tandoh and Celine.

Afiba and Celine were declared missing after they traveled from Port Harcourt, Rivers State to Aba in Abia State on April 27, 2024, to see Andrew and later to a wedding.

However, upon reaching Andrew’s state-of-the-art mansion, their phones and other belongings were ceased.

The last text Afiba sent to one of her friends on WhatsApp confirmed that she and Celine had been kidnapped by Andrews.

Unfortunately, despite the several searches conducted by the police inside Andrews’ house, the bodies of Afiba and Celine are yet to be found.

A yet-to-be-confirmed report on social media also asserts that Andrew was shot to death while trying to escape from the police after his arrest.

This reportedly followed after he refused to tell the police the whereabouts of Celine and Afiba when they raided his house.


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