Ghanaian man of God, Prophet Badu Kobi has disclosed what is done to the monies congregants pay as tithe when they go to church.

The man of God appeared on the UCook show on United Television (UTV) hosted by Gospel musician, Empress Gifty Adorye when he decided to speak about tithes.

Prophet Badu claims it is a must for congregants to pay tithes unless they do not want God to bless them.

He noted that he has inculcated the habit of paying tithes to his children, so, even though he is a man of God and the pastor to his children, they still pay tithes to him.

“My children pay tithe to me till date. My child in the UK who works at the second largest investment bank in the whole world still pays tithe to me. My child came the last time and they were like Daddy this is your tithe. My daughter who sells perfumes, anytime she sees me she is like Daddy this is your tithe”, he said.

When asked what is done to the tithes church members pay to their pastors, Prophet Badu Kobi stated categorically that part of the money is being spent by the pastors.

According to the man of God, the bible makes it clear that part of the money should be spent by the pastors whilst part is also used to develop the church.

“We give some to the church and the pastors also spend some of the money. It is even in the bible when you read Hebrews. The pastors are to spend some of the money”, he stated.


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