Stonebwoy has reiterated his belief that Reggae music has its roots in Africa, particularly Ghana.

In a recent acceptance speech at the 25th Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA), Stonebwoy emphasized that Reggae doesn’t solely belong to the Caribbean but has significant ties to Africa, citing Ghana’s historical connection to the transatlantic slave trade as evidence.

” I just want to say by extension that Reggae music like I was bashed for it in Jamaica, I said it has it roots right here in Ghana because out of the 66 forts that took away the like I was saying Reggae music belongs to Ghanaians as much as it belongs to Jamaicans”

Stonebwoy’s comments echo his earlier assertion in a 2022 interview where he stated that Reggae music is fundamentally African. He stressed that Ghana’s history, including its role in the slave trade, reinforces the country’s claim to Reggae music, challenging the notion that it exclusively belongs to Jamaican culture.


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