Ghanaian rapper and songwriter Sarkodie has responded with characteristic grace to a diss track aimed at him by Nigerian rapper Dremo, acknowledging the young artist’s talent while maintaining his position in the rap game.

Dremo recently released a track which contained explicit references to Sarkodie after he released his latest track BRAG which he named Kendrick and J. Cole as his only competition sparking social media conversation.

However, responding to Dremo’s release, Sarkodie chose to take the high road, offering a measured response to the track. In a tweet Sarkodie acknowledged Dremo’s skill as a rapper, stating, “He’s got potential.”

Sarkodie’s response reflects his confidence in his abilities as an artist, as well as his respect for the talent of his peers rather than stooping to the level of petty feuds and personal attacks, Sarkodie chose to rise above the drama and focus on his music.

This is not the first time Sarkodie has been the subject of diss tracks or negative attention from other artists. He has faced criticism and challenges throughout his career, but he has always maintained his composure and remained true to his craft.

In hip-hop, where rivalries and beef are often used as fuel for creativity, Sarkodie’s response is a refreshing departure from the norm. Instead of escalating tensions, he diffused the situation with maturity and professionalism.

Netizens have flooded social media with comments and thoughts about this release and the conversation about who is the best rapper in Africa

Sarkodie continues to solidify his status as one of Africa’s most respected and influential rappers


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