Dancehall king Shatta Wale has opened up about the recent cancellation of his highly anticipated performance at the University of Ghana, Legon.

Shatta revealed that he not only planned to give a memorable performance but also intended to gift a car to a deserving student at the event.

Shatta Wale shared that his motivation for the concert extended beyond performing his hit songs; he wanted to show gratitude to his fans at Legon for their pivotal role in his career.

Shatta Wale

“When I produced ‘Ayoo,’ it was Liman Hall that made the song blow, so I wanted to give back to them,” he explained, highlighting the special connection he feels with the university community.

As a gesture of appreciation, Shatta Wale planned to give away a car to one lucky student and make them his personal influencer.

However, his intention was thwarted due to what he describes as industry favoritism and partiality towards him and his fanbase.

Wave Africa hints on dragging Legon to court over cancelling Shatta Wale’s show

Shatta Wale’s performance was abruptly canceled, a move he attributes to industry bias. He pointed out that the decision was influenced by the earlier release of Stonebwoy’s concert flyer, which organizers used as a reason to block his show.

Shatta Wale condemned the treatment of his brand, viewing the cancellation as disrespectful.

He emphasized that his intention was never to incite violence or cause security concerns, contrary to rumors circulating about the event’s cancellation.

Known for his outspoken nature, Shatta Wale acknowledged that his loud personality is often used against him.

Shatta Wale

He stressed that his actions are guided by principles and a desire for justice, even if it means being perceived as controversial.

He made the revelation in a TikTok live session with his fans.


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