Shatta Wale Deleted ‘Konekt’ Album From YouTube; Sammy Flex Confirms, Explains Why: Sammy Flex, manager of Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has confirmed that the musician pulled down his ‘Konekt’ album from YouTube.

The ‘Dancehall King’ in a Facebook post on March 22 announced that he had pulled down his ‘Konekt’ album from YouTube. He cited financial disagreement with other collaborators on the album for his actions.

This caused a stir among Wale’s fans. The album featured collaborations with artists like Tekno and Bounty Killer.

However, taking to his YouTube channel on March 23, Sammy Flex, manager of Shatta Wale explained the reason why the album was deleted from YouTube.

Sammy Flex clarified that the album was deleted because Shatta Wale was unhappy with the dynamics of the collaboration, especially concerning financial issues.

Flex emphasized that although Shatta Wale is an independent musician who has made significant financial investments in his endeavors, he desired the same level of dedication from his collaborators.

According to the manager, the removal from YouTube is considered a step toward resolving these problems and restoring normalcy after both parties have engaged in fruitful discussions.

He said the team would explore other possible options to deal with the matter.

“As an artiste, at every point in time, he has the way he wants his things to go. At every point in time, if these things change, definitely the artiste will not be happy. The artiste will not be happy.

“Knowing the investment that he has also put in, he would want the other partners to also come in with the same energy. He would want the other partners to also come in with the same force. So that when our powers all come together, it will combine to give us the necessary results that we are looking for.

“But as an independent artist, as someone who is funding all his projects, he wasn’t seeing that. And I’m sure like I said, there is a process for achieving some of these objectives. And to him, he thinks this is one of the first processes to handle that.

“So to avoid any back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, let me first put the one on YouTube down. When I put the one on YouTube down and we can have some conversations and it works, I’m sure we can get back to normal,” he explained.

Although the album has been deleted from YouTube, Sammy Flex urged fans to continue streaming the album on alternative digital streaming platforms like Spotify, Boomplay, Audiomack, and Apple Music.

Sammy Flex promised that the team is still looking into behind-the-scenes solutions, so this move does not mean the artist’s possibilities are over.

“There are still some options that we can explore, and that is what the team will try to do behind the scenes before we move forward. But like I’m saying, it does not take away the songs from online markets. It takes the song from only the YouTube app, on Shatta Wale’s page.

“As much as I know, the rest of the marketing, the digital platforms, they also have their songs there. All the rest of their DSPs, also have their songs there. So beyond having it on YouTube, you can also access their songs on the rest of the platforms,” he said.


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