Shatta Wale has lost his cool over the line of questions Medikal was asked on UTV’s United Showbiz TV program.

Medikal performed at the Indigo O2 Arena on Friday, May 3rd, 2024. On Saturday night, the Ghanaian rapper, who was speaking via a telephone call from his base in London, was interviewed about the success of his show.

During the live conversation on UTV, MzGee, the host, asked Medikal what he’s got to say about Fella Makafui’s upcoming ‘Resonance’ movie set to premiere on May 11th and 12th. However, the question left Medikal upset instead.

According to him, the interviewer should have stayed focused on his show and avoided anything that could spark negative headlines.

Out of the blue, Shatta Wale also showed up to defend Medikal’s comment during the UTV interview.

Amidst a fiery exchange with MzGee over what he perceived as inappropriate questioning, Shatta Wale dragged her employer, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, into the dispute.

Shatta has lambasted MzGee, the host of United Showbiz, and the UTV network for undermining Medikal’s achievements, questioning whether Dr. Kwame Despite would tolerate similar treatment.

Going ballistic on UTV and its owner, Shatta Wale described MzGee’s line of questioning as nonsense.

“What if Despite were accused of adulterating his Fufu products with illicit drugs? Would he remain indifferent if allegations surfaced about narcotics in his Neat Fufu? Does he not also hear such rumors about his products?” Shatta inquired.

He continued, expressing his outrage, “When I return to Ghana if any prominent figures dare confront me, they will face my wrath. Blood will be spilled. We will all perish.”

This has sparked debate among netizens as to whether Shatta Wale’s rant is appropriate. Hear more from him in the video below and tell us what you think.


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