Sister Derby Blames Religious Influence For LGBTQ Discrimination In Ghana: Ghanaian musician and activist Sister Derby recently shared her perspective on the discrimination against LGBTQ individuals in Ghana, attributing it to the influence of religion.

In an interview with YFM, she expressed concern that many people tend to follow religious doctrines without engaging in independent thought, leading to a lack of understanding and acceptance of diverse perspectives. Sister Derby stressed the importance of education beyond formal channels, urging people to learn through direct interaction and open-minded conversations to foster a more inclusive society.

Drawing parallels to historical struggles, Sister Derby likened the oppression faced by the LGBTQ community in Ghana to that of other marginalized groups, such as victims of domestic violence, people with albinism, and those facing racial discrimination. She highlighted the need for collective efforts in challenging societal norms and advocated for empathy, encouraging individuals to recognize and appreciate the diversity that exists within the human experience.


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