A disturbing wave of online reactions from South Africans has emerged, celebrating the deaths of six Nigerians recently killed in South Africa.

This incident has intensified concerns over xenophobic sentiments and violence in the country.

A video circulating on social media captured a somber moment where Nigerians in South Africa gathered to pay their final respects to one of the victims.

The deceased’s body was taken to his shop for a poignant farewell before being transported back to Nigeria.

In a troubling response to the video, several South Africans praised the individuals responsible for the killings.

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The reactions included disturbing calls for more Nigerians to be killed, expressing dissatisfaction that only six had been targeted.

This online celebration of violence has sparked outrage and concern within both the Nigerian and broader international communities, highlighting ongoing issues of xenophobia and the urgent need for measures to address such hostilities.

Authorities and human rights organizations are being urged to take swift action to curb these violent sentiments and ensure the safety and dignity of all foreign nationals residing in South Africa.

Source: Blackgh.com

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