Ghanaian rapper and singer, King Paluta, has cautioned authorities responsible to ensure the non-penetration of illegal substances into the country to be very effective with their roles.

He argued that once these illegal substances get into the country, addicts will abuse it.

In an interview with Ato Kwamina on Takoradi based Connect FM, the “Yahitte” hitmaker stated he has no issues coming up with songs to educate the youth on drug abuse.

Paluta also wondered why some people are cultivating weed in Ghana even though it’s illegal.

“I don’t bother putting out lyrics that talks about drugs (marijuana/weed) because I’m not the one who brought them into the country. And when they get into the country, we’ll consume them; we won’t let it go waste.

“There are customs and other authorities checking these things but they still find their way into the country. Ask yourself how that happens. There are even people who cultivate marijuana in this country and nothing is done,” he said.

“However, I’m in no way in support of abuse of drugs or to encourage anyone to do drugs. But those in positions should stop it from entering the country because ones it enters, it’ll be consumed,” Paluta stated.

King Paluta also encouraged the government to legalise the cultivation and the use of marijuana because of some monetary benefits for the country.

“I believe the authorities should legalize the use of marijuana/weed in the country because it has a business side to it,” he said.


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