Funny Face Arrested After Kasoa Accident: Funny Face has been locked up in police cells after he was involved in an accident.

Around 8 PM last night, 24th March 2023, the Ghanaian actor reportedly knocked down about 5 pedestrians whilst driving. According to reports that circulated on social media, the accident happened at Kasoa, Kakraba Junction.

In a new report, Funny Face, who was then driving his Hyundai Atos, has been arrested by the police after the incident. UTV is reporting that the actor is in custody assisting with investigations.

“He ended up at the police station, so I as I am speaking to right now, Funny Face is at the Kasoa Police Station assisting with investigations,” the reporter said via a phone call on UTV’s morning show.

A close relative has confirmed that no fatalities resulted from the accident involving Ghanaian comedian Funny Face, however, significant injuries were sustained by the victims involved.

Ebenezer, the son of Theresa, the 50-year-old mother whom Funny Face knocked down, provided an account of the aftermath in an interview with

Theresa suffered a serious injury, with both of her knees broken in the collision. Meanwhile, the children, who are her niece and a nephew, aged 6 and 2 respectively endured head injuries as a result of the accident.

“Theresa got both of her legs broken, “My niece, it affected the head. She had internal bleeding and a very dangerous cut on the head. And then my nephew also had a cut on his head.”


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