Vodacom Voicemail Number South Africa: The Vodacom Voicemail Number aids a Vodacom user in accessing and listening to voicemail messages.

The Vodacom Voicemail Number comes in two folds, that is, the number to dial on Vodacom to listen to your voicemail messages or your voicemail service number (Vodacom South Africa Office Line).

The Vodacom Voicemail system is very useful, hence users are required to do the setup. This is because the system allows friends and family to leave voice messages behind in case your phone is out of reach or you’re not able to receive calls during meetings or while driving.

For this reason, it’s important to activate Vodacom voicemail on your phone so people can leave messages behind for you to listen to later when you are less busy. Vodacom Voicemail has its default voicemail greeting but you can personalize your voicemail greeting when setting it up on your phone.

In this article, we take you through all the basic steps in setting up and activating your Vodacom Voicemail Number.

How Do I Activate Vodacom Voicemail?

Activating Vodacom Voicemail on your phone is as easy as ABC. All you need is a mobile phone and an active Vodacom SIM Card. With these few items, a subscriber would be able to set up and activate voicemail on Vodacom. Below are the steps.

Dial 132, You will be directed to activate your voicemail

After going through the first step activation procedure of setting up your voicemail, you will now proceed to set up various options in your Voicemail. To do this, below are the processes.

Dial 132 again, Choose option 2 (To change your mailbox settings), and Choose option 3 (To change your Voicemail box notifications).

There are several other options under “3”. Follow the prompts to set up your phone for voicemail.

Once the Voicemail has completely been set up, you will be notified via SMS whenever someone leaves you a voicemail message.

What is Vodacom Voicemail Number South Africa

The Vodacom Voicemail Number is a unique number that allows Vodacom South Africa users to access all Voicemail messages. Initially, the number that Vodacom users used to access, send, and listen to voicemail messages was ‘121’ but in 2018, it was changed to ‘132’.
What’s the Voicemail Password?

Using passwords restricts 3rd parties from accessing one’s data or information. To keep your conversations in your Vodacom Voicemail private, you can set up your password. Vodacom Voicemail has a default password, that is, at any point in time, when you are requested to provide a password, then the default is ‘1111’.

However, this default password can be changed, in case you have already changed that password (1111), you will therefore be needed to use your newly set password when you are requested to provide a password.

What’s the Vodacom Mailbox Number

The Vodacom Mailbox Number is the same as the Vodacom Voicemail Number. As the name implies, ‘Mailbox’, happens to be a system that receives messages that were sent to you through Voicemail.

In case you want to listen to Voicemail Messages in your Mailbox, you will also be required to use the 134. But, you can also dial 082 14 followed by the last 9 digits on your phone number (that is your phone number without the first 0).

How Do I Check My Mailbox On Vodacom?

The procedure involved in checking your mailbox on Vodacom is equally simple. Checking your mailbox also means listening to voice messages you have received through voicemail. To check for this, follow the steps below.

  1. Dial 132
  2. Press 1 while your voicemail greeting is playing, this skips the greeting but you can also wait for the greeting to end.
  3. Enter your password (the default password ‘1111’ if not changed)

After going through these processes, if there are any more voicemail messages in your inbox, they will play one after the other automatically. But you can skip a voicemail by pressing the ‘#’ key, play a previous message by pressing ‘*’, or repeat a message by pressing the ‘0’ key.

How To Find Vodacom Voicemail Number?

Vodacom South Africa makes it possible for users to check for their Vodacom voicemail number. It might seem difficult but actually, it’s very simple. To check for you the number, dial *#61# and send (Press the call button)

Your number will instantly be displayed on your phone. Your Vodacom Voicemail Number starts with ‘+278214’, followed by the last 9 digits of your telephone number.
What Is The Purpose Of *132 On Vodacom?

Dialing *132 on your phone performs a unique function. This code is the simplest and fastest way of checking for your voicemail.

  1. Dial *132
  2. Press 1
  3. Enter your password (the default password ‘1111’ if not changed)

If there are messages in your inbox, they will play automatically. You can skip a message by pressing the ‘#’ key, play a previous message by pressing ‘*’, or repeat a message by pressing the ‘0’ key.

How Do You Leave A Voicemail On Vodacom?

Leaving a voicemail on Vodacom is the simplest process regarding the entire voicemail setup.

Assuming you are trying to reach a person on the phone and it’s not going through. All you have to do is dial the ‘#’ key, followed by the recipient’s number (for example # 082 123 4567).

After doing this first process, a short voice note will then ask you to leave a message not more than 30 seconds.

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