President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kurt Okraku insists his administration has made significant contributions and progress towards improving Women’s football in the country.

When Kurt Okraku assumed office in October 2019, he emphasized the importance of enhancing women’s football, recognizing it as a vital component of Ghana’s football ecosystem.

Attending the Women’s Football Festival at the University of Ghana Stadium on Saturday, June 8, the FA President shared in an interview with 3sports how he, along with the executive committee, committed to investing more in the women’s game.

Kurt Okraku

“We decided to roll out quite a number of policies and strategies that will ultimately impact on the Women’s game. Over time we have done a lot. The game visibly is on the rise and I think that gradually the Ghanaian sporting populace are beginning to accept women’s football,” he said.

According to the GFA President, although there have been massive changes, the Football Association is looking at ways to lay down various policies to help push the Women’s game in the country.

“I’m not in doubt that there is a need for us to look for more investments, more opportunities, more capacity building opportunities most especially for female administrators or for personnel who work in that niche of our industry,” he added.


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