Chef Faila Reveals What Happened To Her The Night Before GWR Cook-A-Thon: Ghanaian Chef, Faila Abdul-Razak embarked on a culinary journey that lasted 227 hours over ten days in a remarkable attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cook-a-thon.

However, her extraordinary feat was accompanied by a chilling and unexpected experience that tested not only her resilience but also the dedication of her team.

During a press conference held after the conclusion of the cook-a-thon on Wednesday, January 10, Chef Faila shared a harrowing incident that occurred the night before she commenced her ambitious culinary endeavor at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale.

Recalling the ordeal, Chef Faila explained, “The very night I came here to embark on this project, it was terrible. I laid on my bed in one of the rooms of this hotel, and it took grace to wake me up because I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t lift my hand, I couldn’t lift my leg.”

The chef, who was in good health before arriving at the hotel, faced an unexplained and near-paralyzing experience that raised concerns among her team. She credited her recovery to the grace of God and the quick response of her medical team.

“I wasn’t sick before getting into this premises, but it happened out of the blue moon. It was tough, they got confused; what are we telling the public? What are we telling the media? What are we telling even the government who is interested in this? It took the grace of God and the medical team going up and down to wake me up, and when I woke up, I still couldn’t walk,” she continued emotionally.

Chef Faila expressed her gratitude to her team, management, and the medical professionals who played a crucial role in her recovery.

“I looked at my team, my management, I looked into the faces of each one of them in that room and I cried. I cried because I didn’t owe anyone as much as I owed them for all the effort and support,” she said.

Despite the challenging start, Chef Faila Abdul-Razak completed the cook-a-thon, awaiting official confirmation from Guinness World Records.

Her journey not only showcased her culinary skills but also the strength and dedication of a team determined to overcome unexpected obstacles in the pursuit of breaking records.


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