White Weddings Are Waste Of Money – Prophet Oduro: In a bold stance against the trend of lavish white weddings, Prophet Kofi Oduro, the head pastor of Alabaster International Ministries, has spoken out, urging against extravagant spending on marriage ceremonies.

During a recent sermon to his congregation, Prophet Oduro emphasized the need for prudent financial choices, particularly in matters concerning weddings.

Expressing his concerns, Prophet Oduro highlighted the escalating costs associated with white weddings, especially following traditional marriage ceremonies. He argued that the funds expended on extravagant ceremonies could be better utilized to support livelihood-enhancing projects, rather than squandered on unnecessary expenses.

“The expenditure on white weddings after traditional ceremonies is not prudent,” Prophet Oduro remarked, emphasizing the detrimental impact of excessive spending on marriage celebrations. He pointed out that the rising costs associated with weddings have deterred many men from pursuing marriage, citing the financial strain imposed by extravagant ceremonies.

“I don’t believe in that white wedding,” Prophet Oduro asserted, challenging the notion of elaborate wedding ceremonies. He criticized the practice of hosting extravagant events with numerous bridesmaids and flower girls, which often resulted in unnecessary debt. Regardless of one’s financial status, Prophet Oduro deemed it an imprudent use of resources, particularly when embarking on married life.

Instead, Prophet Oduro advocated for a more practical approach, urging single men and women to opt for traditional weddings to save money. He encouraged couples to redirect the funds allocated for white weddings towards more meaningful investments, such as land or housing.

“It may be appropriate to celebrate with a lavish wedding anniversary after being married for 25 years,” Prophet Oduro suggested, emphasizing the importance of financial wisdom in marital decisions. He cautioned against weddings that strain financial resources, warning of the potential deterrence it poses to marriage.

Prophet Oduro’s message resonated with his congregation, as he urged for discernment in financial matters and prioritization of long-term investments over short-lived extravagance. His call for prudence in wedding expenditures serves as a clarion call for responsible financial stewardship, particularly in the context of marriage.

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