American rapper and record label mogul, Gucci Mane has disclosed the reasons behind the incarceration of many artists under his 1017 label.

During an appearance on his wife’s podcast, ‘All Things Keyshia Ka’Oir,’ Mane elaborated that many of his signed artists are in prison due to underlying issues often overlooked by the public eye.

He believes he can offer assistance because he has experienced incarceration in the past.

The host inquired, “The public is curious as to why so many of your 1017 artists end up in jail.”

In response, Mane expressed, “My own experiences of going in and out of jail mirror theirs. I strive to assist those artists who I see aspects of myself in. If I’m not there to support them, who else will? People often overlook this aspect of the situation.”

“They undoubtedly have a compelling narrative stemming from their origins in the streets. I’m eager to lend a hand because I sense a connection with them. I understand their struggles and challenges.”

Three 1017 artists, Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, and Young Thug, are currently serving different jail terms.


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