Popular Ghanaian TikToker Osei Felicia has rebuked women who incessantly demand money from their partners when they know very well that they are not in a good financial state.

According to her, it does not make sense for a woman to make such demands. She stated that there is no explanation for such actions, thereby describing such women as “witches” for not being sensitive to the plight of their partners.

Speaking in a TikTok live session, Felicia advised women against making demands from their partners when they are not financially stable.

“Any woman who is dating a guy and is aware that he is not financially stable yet pressures him for money is a witch. There is no explanation to this because you know the guy is not in good financial condition, so why would you force him to give you money?” she quizzed.

She further entreated men to refrain from entering into relationships when they don’t have enough income to cover the expenses associated with them.

“To the men, I would advise that if you don’t have money, don’t go into a relationship,” she added.” Hear more from her in the video below.

Source: Blackgh.com

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