Renowned Nigerian comedian Helen Paul has proposed that women’s salaries be directly deposited into their spouses’ bank accounts.

In a recent Instagram post, the comedienne sought the views of other women regarding the suggestion.

In her message, she penned: “I believe women’s salaries ought to be deposited into their husband’s bank accounts. What are your thoughts on this, ladies?”

The responses to her post were varied, as some women agreed while others voiced their dissent in the comment section.

Paul gained prominence as a mischievous comedic persona on the widely followed Nigerian radio show “Wetin Dey” aired on Radio Continental 102.3FM, Lagos. Known by her moniker “Tatafo,” she portrayed a clever youngster who humorously tackled and ridiculed societal matters through satire.

July 2012 saw the debut album release of Paul, titled “Welcome Party,” featuring a blend of Afro-Pop tracks like “Boju Boju”, “Vernacular”, “Gbedu”, “God Forbid”, alongside an Afro RnB piece titled “Children of the World”, and “Use Calculator”, a poignant song addressing the HIV-AIDs epidemic. Following this, she also dropped several singles, among them “Take It Back”.

During 2018, she unveiled both the audio and visuals for her single “Never Knew,” a motivational track delving into her formative years and the journey of her career up to that point.

She earned her doctorate in Theater Arts from the University of Lagos.


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